Accident reports shed little light on what caused members of a Christian motorcycle club to wreck during an encounter with Jamestown police Saturday.

The two bikes that struck the roadway were "going too fast for conditions," according to reports from the Highway Patrol.

The reports give no other information on what caused the wreck and make no reference to an attempted traffic stop by police.

One report indicates that the 17-year-old who was said to have been scraped up the most was riding on the back of another motorcycle.

Several dozen members and friends of the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club were traveling through Jamestown during a charity ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

Jamestown Police Chief Jay High said some of them disregarded a four-way stop and an officer and deputy tried to stop them.

He said some of the bikers locked up their brakes and a couple bikes went down on the pavement.

The bikers said the officer caused the accident, and dozens posted Facebook comments calling for justice or God's vengeance.

The two bikers who went down hired attorneys to establish what happened.

Attorney David Aylor is representing one of the bikers who hit the pavement. He pointed out that the report notes the bikers were traveling at the 45 mph speed limit and no citations were issued.

"We're concerned about how the events transpired that led to the wreck," he said.

Aylor said he's trying to get a copy of the dash-cam video, radio calls and any incident reports.

High said his officer didn't write up an incident report.

"Despite what you may have heard, there was no incident," he said in an email.

When asked by telephone why an attempted traffic stop by an officer would not be considered an incident, he said it was because no tickets were issued.

"If we wrote up everything our officers were involved in, we would be writing reports all day," he said.

At least two of the bikers, including one who was hurt, were law-enforcement officers, according to several bikers and the attorneys.

The bikers said they did not hear any sirens. The chief said an icon on the officer's dash-cam video shows his siren was activated.

Berkeley County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dan Moon said it would have been standard practice for the deputy to write up a report.

He said Friday afternoon that he was working on getting a copy.

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