Much of the talk among reporters in The Post and Courier newsroom today was about a piece on U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford posted today on the New York Times' website.

The story, written by NYT Magazine's chief political correspondent Jim Rutenburg, gives us glimpses of Sanford in Washington as well as in Charleston, but the narrative opens at Coosaw Plantation, the Beaufort County tract owned by Sanford's family.

Though he plows over much of the ground covered in more detail in The Post and Courier's 2013 e-book "Second Chance: The Mark Sanford Story" by Tony Bartleme, Rutenberg does get to talk with Maria Belen Chapur, Sanford's fiancee, in what may be her first interview with an American reporter.

Chapur describes how the couple had to keep their romance in the background in the years following Sanford's painful and very public confession that he had been cheating on his wife.

"I mean, Mark felt terrible during all these years, because he felt he betrayed the people who trusted him, so he started to think: 'O.K., I love this woman. But I hurt a lot of people. So, how do I mend this?' " Chapur said.

The story is to be printed in the Sunday, June 29 edition of the magazine.

Or read the full story online here: