Cold treat competition is heating up on King Street, with another gelato shop set to open this summer.

Freddo, an artisanal gelato producer based in Argentina, has announced plans to open at 239 ½ King Street by mid-August. The space previously housed Buckar Jewelry Architects.

The store represents the 45-year old company's first foray into the U.S. market. Later this year, Freddo will open another location in Miami, bringing its global store count to 152.

According to a press release, gelato entered Argentinian cuisine in the 1800s, courtesy of two million Italian immigrants. It's generically known as "helado" and is celebrated "for its silky texture, mountainous presentations and artisan flavors," the release explains.

Freddo's flavor menu ranges from crème brulee to banana to white chocolate to eight varieties of dulce de leche. The latter is "the traditional Argentine helado flavor that is the most popular," spokeswoman Kimberly McCollum says.

In addition to 24 helado flavors, including four flavors unique to Charleston, Freddo will offer smoothies, sundaes and specialty coffees.

To learn more about Freddo, visit (at least if you speak Spanish: an English version of the site isn't yet available.)