For breakfast, I had Quaker Instant Oatmeal with water. It's a little packet, just the original one. You mix it with water. I drank water, too.

I was on a field trip with my students, so I only ate strawberries for lunch. I ate a lot of strawberries. It's a 16-ounce container, and I think I probably ate 8 ounces. One of my students had Nutella with pretzels, so I had one of those. I also had about half a tangerine from a student. I feel like I wasn't prepared for my lunch; I was in a big rush that morning.

To drink, I had one of those Sparkling Ices in peach nectar flavor. It has Splenda in it, which isn't good.

When I got home, I ate two pieces of my husband's pizza. It's like a cheese Costco personal pizza thing. He cut them small.

The other night, I made fish and we had dinner together, but he works from home, so our schedules are different. And sometimes he likes different things. I like tuna and he likes whitefish, so I made tuna for me and cod for him.

I had a spinach and kale salad with Tessemae's Lemonette dressing. It's really good. I also had a quesadilla I made with more of the greens on it. I used a high-fiber, low-carb whole wheat tortilla. I probably put a half a cup of cheddar cheese on there, too.

And then I had nine Hershey's kisses with caramel. I ended up with a little pile of foil. I have to have dessert. I have a very bad sweet tooth. I teach school, so I feel like kids are always like, "It's my birthday, have a cupcake." That's my downfall. I get sugar and my body just wants more of it.

Ashley Cook is an intermediate school science teacher at Ashley Hall. She lives on James Island.