What is it?

Cannonborough Beverage Company is a "garage band" of soda jerks. They produce naturally sweetened, preservative-free, force-carbonated soft drinks: Balanced for sweetness and acidity, these sodas are crafted from hand-pressed juices, seasonal fruits and vegetables and fresh herbal accents.

What's the story?

Longtime friends Mick Matricciano, Brandon Wogamon and Matthew Fendley asked the question, "What would soda be like if it grew up with us?" The answer was a collaborative effort among farmers, chefs and bartenders that led these three friends to establish the company.

Sophisticated flavor profiles resonated not only with local foodies but bridged the gap between the craft beer and cocktail-drinking communities. Clean, crisp combinations established Cannonborough Beverage.

This year the company introduced a keg program allowing local restaurants to pull the tap on their sodas, and growlers for home consumption.

Who's buying it?

With high standards for ingredients and moderated sweetness, the sodas became viable players in the local nonalcoholic beverage market. The berry flavors are enjoyed by kids and the craft cocktail market has embraced these sodas as mixers. With the keg and growler programs, fans can now enjoy the sodas at home or while eating out.

Who's selling it?

Local restaurants and farmers markets: Look for them at Edmund's Oast, EVO, Holy City Brewery, Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen and The Obstinate Daughter. Consumers also can slake their thirsts with the growler program now available at farmers market stops: Marion Square, Johns Island and Mount Pleasant.

You will also find CBC at "tap takeovers." Visit the website for more information, cannonbevco.com.

At the farmers markets, expect to pay $3 (small), $5 (large) per individual soda or $14 for your initial 32-ounce growler. Return your growler for a refill and pay $10.


"Delicious and fresh soda. I advise everyone to take a sip" - Billy Johns

"I simply love both the grapefruit and honey basil (flavors). Delicious and unique, my two favorite things." - Amber J. Foster

"Emphasizing fresh fruits and natural sweeteners, they make - hands down - the best soda I've ever had. I've been following their growth since they started, and while you can now purchase their kegged soda in our region, I look forward to the day their sodas find their way into a bottle and across the South." - Brooks Reitz, 5 Southern Foods To Eat Now

Cannonborough Beverage Company