Apparently Gov. Nikki Haley made a huge mistake by vetoing the grant money for Southeastern Wildlife Expo.

According to Post and Courier columnist Brian Hicks, for a mere $200,000 investment we get $4 million in direct revenue.

What a great deal. I guess we should have invested $400,000 instead, so that we could get $8 million in direct revenue.

To quote one of my college classmates, "Economics, as I understand it, isn't very well understood."

A.D. Heathcock

Palisades Drive

Mount Pleasant

State money not needed

A 32-year-old, successful money-making festival needs no financial support from South Carolina taxpayers.

It is no secret that columnist Brian Hicks holds Gov. Nikki Haley in low esteem. Don't let that be a reason for resenting how she is trying not to spend our tax money.

The festival has been self-supporting because of sponsorships, exhibitions that charge for participation, commissions from exhibit sales and ticket sales.

Things change, Brian. I can't get into the same size pants I did 32 years ago and I bet you can't either.

Call the Easton Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Md., and compare the oldest (44 years) waterfowl festival's problems with that of the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. Since 2008, art sales there have been off terribly and the commissions to both festivals reflect those bottom lines.

But lack of state funds to support SEWE would not rattle it one bit. They would do what any successful festival does to survive in hard times - stop doing what does not bring in funds and create new offerings that do.

SEWE has done that for 32 years, and that is the reason it is still here.

I was there at its inception 32 years ago. I supported it then and I support it now, but not with state money.

Bob Fraser

Covenant Square

Mount Pleasant