One of the charms of European cities is their street musicians. Recently, a courteous, clean, well-dressed young musician played the cello outside the Dock Street Theatre before and after the Chamber Music concerts.

He did not ask for money, but thanked those who put a dollar in his cello case. He was stopped from playing because a city official said he might annoy tourists. The tourists I saw told him they enjoyed his music, as I did.

Conversely, friends from Greenville who dined at a high-end restaurant in the Market area did have a complaint.

One of them remarked that he didn't spend $300 for a meal to sit next to greasy tourists in shorts, T-shirts and flip flops. Even though the food was good, he would not go there again.

Can we no longer expect a dress code in fine restaurants? Have we once again "fixed what ain't broke" and ignored what needs to be fixed?

What has happened to Charleston's grace and charm?

Barbara Campbell

Embassy Row Way

Johns Island