The U.S. Patent Office has thrown its bureaucratic hat in the ring on the side of political correctness. It has issued a ruling that the NFL's Washington Redskins cannot renew the patent protecting team memorabilia (hats, shirts, jackets, etc.) because of the offensive nature of the term "Redskins" embroidered thereon.

Offensive to whom, one might ask? How many American Indians really care what a football team calls itself?

Is the Redskins' ruckus raised by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid anything more than a weak attempt to get the latest in a long string of real Washington scandals off the newscasts and front pages of U.S. newspapers?

Will the Washington Redskins be forced to resurrect a name used by the defunct Washington American League baseball team - the Senators? (Now that really would be offensive.)

What comes next? Will the Kansas City Chiefs become the Kansas City Chefs? Baseball's New York Yankees the New York Doodle Dandies?

Will a new government agency be tasked to edit out the term Redskins from thousands of Western movies and Zane Grey novels?

Or will these bits of hateful Americana be confined to the Washington memory hole, along with the missing Lois Lerner emails?