It's a fishing tournament story about the one that got away - not the fish, the tournament victory.

On Saturday, while competing in the Edisto Shark Tournament, Captain Cal Young and his crew landed a 14-foot, 1,130-pound tiger shark 20 miles off Edisto Island.

They hooked it around 1:30 p.m,, about four hours before the 5:30 deadline to weigh their catch.

For the next two hours they battled to reel it in. When they finally exhausted the shark, they discovered it was too big to bring on board their 25-foot boat, forcing them to tow it to shore.

That took another four hours, costing Young the tournament victory.

The winner of the tournament was another tiger shark that weighed in at 482 pounds, not even half what Young's shark tipped the scales at when he eventually made it back to the dock around 9 p.m. at the Edisto Watersports and Tackle and the Thirsty Fish restaurant, the tournament sponsors.

The shark topped 1,100 pounds even after Young cut it open and found a 100-pound loggerhead turtle in its stomach. Once the shark was weighed, Young and his crew - Madison Utsey, Johnny Sanders and Patrick Zimp, all of Edisto Island - divvied up the meat. Young cut out the shark's jaws, which he said he will have mounted to commemorate what is likely the largest shark he's ever caught.

"Not too many people catch sharks this big," Young said. "I was relieved when we got it. I've always wanted to catch one over 1,000 pounds."

The largest shark ever caught in South Carolina, also a tiger, weighed in at 1,780 lbs when it was caught by Walter Maxwell off North Myrtle Beach's Cherry Grove Fishing Pier in 1964.

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