COLUMBIA - The override of vetoes is expected to dominate political headlines today as lawmakers return to Columbia to undo some of Gov. Nikki Haley's budget cuts.

Even Haley and her staff are gearing up for it; Haley's Facebook account has already posted a comment about how they will be tracking the override of vetoes.

"We will report on the 76 vetoes being taken up by legislators today to include their pay raises and pension increases," Haley posted on her Facebook account. "The items vetoed were earmarks or drastic growth in govt (sic) agencies. We must always be conscious of how we spend taxpayer dollars."

Several lawmakers have already voiced plans to overturn some of Gov. Nikki Haley's 76 vetoes, including $2 million requested for the lieutenant governor's office. Haley said on Thursday the lieutenant governor's office was growing too fast.

But Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell said Haley was misinformed about the office's budget increases. He added he would be lining up support for the overturning of that veto.

Other notable items vetoed include a pay increase of $1,000 a month for lawmakers. But some lawmakers have already said that veto will likely stand.

To see what Lowcountry items are on the line, click here.

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