Superintendent of education candidate Sally Atwater today responded to stories about the radio interview she had last week with a Greenville radio station.

Just before 3 p.m., Atwater emailed a news release saying she "wanted to apologize to anyone that may have been distracted by this and set the record straight."

She goes on to say she "will work tirelessly to eliminate Common Core standards." You can read her complete statement below.

Atwater's phone call last week to a Greenville talk radio host has gone viral and is drawing increasing attention to her apparent inability to communicate, according to a story posted on "The Fix," a Washington Post blog.

The story is headlined, "Want to hear a really awkward interview with a politician?" and it airs

excerpts of a conversation Atwater had with a NewsRadioWORD host Russ Cassel on Wednesday.

Atwater, a Republican candidate for the S.C. Superintendent of Education post, came in second in the June 10 primary and is to face Molly Spearman in the June 24 runoff. Atwater's late husband, Lee Atwater, was campaign director for George H.W. Bush and was widely respected as a savvy political strategist.

After the radio interview, during which she seemed unable to give straight answers to questions about sex education, the host expressed his astonishment.

"What you have just heard is an example of a person running for public office on name recognition only, who is clueless," Cassel said after Atwater hung up.

Read the full story here:

Text of Atwater's Tuesday statement:


There has been some discussion about one radio interview I gave on the morning after the primary and I thought it was time to personally respond. I want to apologize to anyone that may have been distracted by this and set the record straight.

If I am elected Superintendent of South Carolina I will work tirelessly to eliminate Common Core standards. These federal one size fits all standards are wrong for South Carolina and unlike my opponent, I have consistently opposed Common Core and will work to see that it is removed once and for all.

My Best,

Sally Atwater