What is it?

A cold press cleanse is a process involving fresh fruit juice combinations designed to recharge and rehydrate the body through detoxification and rejuvenation. Blend Juice Bar offers three levels of system rejuvenation. A one-day Renew program, a two-day Maintenance program and a three-day Invigorate program.

(As with any lifestyle change, visit your healthcare provider before beginning a cleanse program if you are on medications, are diabetic or face other health challenges.)

Who's buying it?

Blend's juices resonate with parents seeking healthy beverage choices for their children, personal trainers, locals using the nearby fitness studios, the food and beverage community and those looking to "detox" and reboot their body systems.

What's the story?

Owner Jess Derbyshire was first exposed to juicing as a choice for a healthy lifestyle through his dad. He then spent time in Los Angeles (where juice bars are as ubiquitous as coffee bars in Seattle) and reaffirmed his commitment to fresh pressed juices as a source of nourishment and wellness. He opened Blend Juice Bar this spring with his wife Anne. Joseph Fields and Ambrose Farms provide his fruits and vegetables, organic when possible.

The cold press cleanse kits are numbered in the order that you drink them. They begin with a beginners program ($50 per day); an intermediate program ($55 per day) and an advanced cleanse ($60 per day).

The Derbyshires also have a menu of juices, smoothies, elixirs and custom blends that are pressed fresh daily and can be tinkered to your taste. They are priced from $5.95-$9.35.


"The juices at Blend are of the highest quality; the cleanse program is easy to use and you do not feel deprived at all. No afternoon slump, you feel great and Jesse is very knowledgeable." - Mary Crone, Mount Pleasant

"I felt healthier and had more energy. I now make healthier choice. I changed my eating habits and now my friends are curious about the juice cleanse." - Layton Simmonds, Mount Pleasant

Who's selling it?

Blend Juice Bar is at 320E West Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant, 884-6161. theblendco@gmail.com.

Around town you can find fresh pressed juices and similar beverages at Dellz Vibez, Green Wave, Juice Joint, and Sprout as well as Earth Fare and Whole Foods Market.