Most days my breakfast routine is the same. Breakfast is granola bars and coffee at my desk, in the cube farm at work. When you buy the Costco-size box of granola bars, it has about 96 bars in it, so I can be stuck eating them for months. Luckily I love granola. The flavor is dark chocolate.

I tend to order lunch from restaurants in the City Market or have a frozen meal from Harris Teeter, but I had the arugula salad and lentil soup from Bull Street Gourmet. They deliver so I don't have to get it. I love arugula: That salad is the absolute best. It has smoked duck ham, pickled onions, blue cheese and candied walnuts.

Normally I have some sort of healthy snack like apples, pears or nuts at my desk, so that when the urge to snack hits sometime in the late afternoon, I can be good. I looked at my pear, but then I heard the seductive voice of "The Pantry" calling me from another part of the cube farm.

"The Pantry" is one of my co-worker's desk drawers. It's stocked at all times with ginger snaps, gummy bears, potato chips, Oreo cookies, Cheez-its, Twizzlers, crackers and chocolate chip cookies. It's the community snack drawer, and all throughout the day you can see people heading to "The Pantry" for something. The call of "The Pantry" was so great for me last year that I actually gave it up for Lent.

I headed back to "The Pantry" and there was a yellow sticky note on it that said, "Empty," with a sad face. That never happens. It must have been restocking day. I headed back to my desk and ate my pear and had two glasses of water.

I cook when I get home; normally a glass of wine or Champagne will accompany my meal. I made grilled chicken breast, sauteed kale and fingerling potatoes.

Mary Catherine James is the assistant director of admissions for The Art Institute of Charleston.