The Capt. Snorky shrimp boat never was salvaged off the Charleston jetties. It remains largely submerged, anchored in place and breaking up, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The wreckage is not in the channel and not considered a hazard to navigation, said U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Jason Bowen.

But coming apart along popular fishing grounds along the outer wall of the south jetty about 900 feet out, the wreckage could be about to cause trouble for shrimpers and others trying to fish near it. It's one of two shrimp boat wrecks with pieces scattering offshore as the spring shrimp season gets underway and summertime recreational fishing picks up. Already, one shrimper reportedly tangled, tore up a trawl chain on wreckage along the bottom, and was forced to turn back to shore, said Larry DeLancey, of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources.

The Lady Eva, out of Shem Creek, was scuttled on a shoal off Isle of Palms in January after it sank under tow.

Three people were rescued when the 60-foot-plus Capt. Snorky, out of Fernandina Beach, Fla., sank May 25 after grounding on the jetty rocks. It was a relatively long shrimper with large carrying capacity, one of a number of boats that tend to roam the Southeast coast looking for good catch.

The boat's owners did not return a call after The Post and Courier called the boat's registered agent and requested to speak with them.

The incident, like all offshore wrecks, is under investigation by the Coast Guard; if an investigation determines a violation, an owners can face fines.

Flotsam and debris along the bottom can be big trouble for boaters and anglers offshore. Materials as large as logs and pieces of docks have been found floating in the water. The materials can accumulate when winds and currents line up.

Inshore, extreme high tides tend to pull larger debris out of the marshes.

A pickup bed-size structure of nailed planking and metal with a seat pedestal washed up on Isle of Palms on Sunday. It is suspected to have come from a sailboat.

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