A Holllywood man accused of killing a Charleston woman has been charged in the death of a Bluffton woman, police said.

Jerry Lee Manigault, 53, was charged Monday with murder, sexual battery, burglary and grand larceny in connection with the slaying of Polly Ann Mitchell, 70.

Manigault was also charged with murder, kidnapping and strong armed robbery in the death of Julia Ann Mudgett, 77, of Hollywood. Between May 4 and May 6, he allegedly broke into her home and killed her, then stole her car. A search turned up signs of a vandalism and blood. Manigault was named as a suspect on May 14 and Mudgett's body was found in the woods less than a mile from her home on May 16.

Policy say Manigault broke into Mitchell's home on Buck Island Road on May 12, assaulted her and killed her. Manigault is also accused of stealing $2,000 in property from Mitchell's home.