If you were among the many people who avoided social media on this (mostly) sunny, holiday weekend except to maybe thank your father on Facebook, here are some of the things you might have missed.

'It's a big place but a small town'

Reckless, the 'steamy' new legal drama recorded here in Charleston, is less than two weeks from airing before a national audience (Sunday, June 29.)

CBS has been steadily cranking out previews and trailers, including this one Sunday. Might just be me, but from what I've seen it might only be worth watching just to see Charleston and whether any of your friends made it as an extra.

'It still makes my hair stand up'

The Lowcountry, steeped in history, has long been the backdrop of chilling ghost stories. Here's another one:

Reader Bobbi Crosby and a friend went to the Edisto Island Presbyterian Church on Friday the 13th trying to get pictures of the moon but something else caught her eye.

"While reviewing my photos I noticed a little boy's figure in the photo," Crosby wrote to us. "There were no children this young out there and it was close to midnight so I'm thinking I caught a ghost on camera ... The place is said to be haunted so I figured I'd share the photo with you. It still makes my hair stand up."

Update: Facebook reader Megan Blitch found this blog post from Eric H. Doss that tells a story about a 6-year-old boy who was reportedly buried alive in one of the mausoleums at that cemetery. Spooky.

'Bill Murray, Internet jester'

As we said the other day, the Internet loves Bill Murray. The New Yorker has also picked up on this trend and on Friday published a think piece into our fascination with the Charleston actor whose seemingly every move goes viral.

"Will we ever grow tired of these Murray moments? Is there such a thing as Peak Bill Murray, and then the backlash?" the writer asks. We've wondered the same thing.

They were also kind enough to give us a plug in the first graph. Nice.

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