Gov. Nikki Haley released her vetoes (all 75 of them) Thursday, and while she praised the Legislature for their work, she wasn't happy with everything they did (like trying to raise their pay).

The vetoes also affected several Lowcountry institutions, from the Hunley Commission to the Lowcountry Graduate Center to the Medal of Honor bowl. Read more about her vetoes here and here.

Meanwhile, South Carolina's Republican race for lieutenant governor has taken a twist as Pat McKinney of Charleston, who appeared to finish second after Tuesday's voting, bowed out of the June 24 primary against former S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster. Read more about that here.

Meanwhile, a new Pew Research Center survey of American voters has found they are divided by ideology and partisanship not only at the polls, but also where they live, where they get their news and in their friends and acquaintances. Read more on that here.

Further north, Vice President Joe Biden made a last-minute visit to a private home in Washington where a fundraiser was being held for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful and state Sen. Vincent Sheheen, according to Politico, which cited two unnamed sources.