COLUMBIA - Former superintendent of education candidate Sheri Few is calling on Sally Atwater to step down from race.

Atwater and Molly Spearman both received 22 percent of the vote on Tuesday and are heading into a runoff on June 24. Few garnered 19 percent of the vote.

Few said through a written release on Friday she listened to an interview of Atwater's on Wednesday and felt Atwater was "woefully unprepared for the job."

"If Sally Atwater is not going to run a credible campaign against Molly Spearman, then she needs to step aside and let me give Republicans a clear choice on June 24th," Few said.

But Atwater has no intentions of stepping down, said Luke Byars, spokesman for Atwater's campaign. Byars added several former Few supporters have announced their support for Atwater, including Rep. Bill Chumley, R-Woodruff, and Sen. Larry Grooms, R-Charleston.

"I know she's hurting and I know she feels like it's tough to lose," said Byars of Few. "No, Mrs. Atwater is not going to step down. It's time to move on. Republicans are moving on and know that there's one clear choice in this runoff and that's Sally Atwater.

Spearman said Few's proposal was a discussion for her and Atwater. She added, however, she welcomes the opportunity to discuss the issues with any candidate.

"My focus on improving education in South Carolina," Spearman said.

Matt Moore, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, said the voters should decide.

"This was a close race for first place, not second," he said. "Sore losers shouldn't make themselves the center of attention- it damages our electoral process."

Meanwhile, Amy Cofield endorsed Atwater on Friday. Gary Burgess, another former candidate, announced his support for Atwater on Wednesday.

"Sally is a strong Republican, someone who will not stop until Common Core standards are a thing of the past," Cofield said. "She supports more choices in education and will make a strong Superintendent of Education."