There are two types of people in Charleston: those with a Bill Murray encounter story and those who want one.

The eccentric actor calls the Lowcountry home and owns a stake in the Charleston Riverdogs so it's not uncommon to hear stories - often hilarious - about chance meetings with him downtown.

Elise Maahs will never forget her encounter with him.

"I asked him to pose with my nephew as we were leaving The Grocery last month and he was coming in for dinner," Maahs said. "Next thing I know he had the baby in his arms and the baby's pacifier in his own mouth."

While these stories might be old hat for some long-time Charleston residents, the rest of the world still turns into Woody Harrelson's character when meeting Bill Murray playing himself in "Zombieland."

The latest encounter - Murray posing with a couple in their engagement photo - went viral yesterday after we posted Raheed Gauba's photo here. It was picked up by The New York Daily News, Gawker, Fark and The Huffington Post.

Social media was soon full of comments from people thinking about driving to Charleston just on the off chance they, too, might get to meet him.

Buzzfeed, perhaps a coincidence or perhaps not, also on Wednesday published a listicle called "25 Things You Didn't Know about Bill Murray."

No. 23 mentioned his recent speech at a Charleston engagement party, which really isn't unknown since that went viral as well.

Gauba said he hasn't had any sleep since posting the photo, dealing with emails social media messages and calls for quotes. "It's unreal," he said.

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