Ballot measures on Democratic and Republican ballots were overwhelmingly supported by South Carolina voters Tuesday.

Democrats voted in support of medical marijuana, online gaming and expanding legal gaming to casinos to pay for infrastructure repairs, while Republicans voted in favor of a potential "personhood" amendment protecting "pre-born persons beginning at conception" and the gradual elimination of income tax, according to unofficial results.

The five ballot measures - two of which dealt with online gaming - were advisory and nonbinding.

None of these results were surprising, College of Charleston political science professor Gibbs Knotts said. "It certainly confirms what we already know."

Ballot measures often are used to gauge how an electorate feels about a potentially divisive issue. Since all five received favorable responses from voters, these issues may present themselves more prominently later in the campaign season or as bills in the next legislative session, Knotts said.

House Democrats will discuss how to move forward on medical marijuana and online gaming next week, Jones said. South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore praised voters' support of the party's ballot measures and urged Republican legislators to bring the ideas back to their respective bodies.

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