A North Charleston woman concocted a kidnapping story to explain why a nude photograph of her and her 4-year-old daughter was sent to someone through a text message, a police report said.

Brittany Ann Oliver, 23, of Scarpa Street faces charges of unlawful conduct toward a child, permitting a minor to engage in obscenities, disseminating obscenities, participation in preparation of obscene material, aiding exposure of private parts in obscene material and false report of kidnapping.

The North Charleston Police Department started investigating May 24 after Oliver reported being kidnapped.

She told investigators that it started as an endeavor to find a sexual partner for a threesome with her husband, the police said.

Oliver turned to Kik, a text-messaging application for smartphones, and started sending nude photos of herself and husband to a woman who lived in the Archdale community, according to the incident report.

In their conversation, Oliver told police she complained of not having much money or much food, so the woman offered $250 for a picture of Oliver and her daughter. The woman said Oliver could do "whatever you want to with me and my daughter," who she said is 5 years old, the report stated.

That's when Oliver said she cut off the conversation, deleted all the messages and refused to send any pictures, according to the report.

When confronted by detectives four days later, Oliver acknowledged sending a photo of herself and her daughter to the woman, the report said.

Later that day, Oliver claimed that the woman had barged into her home and threatened to hurt her and her daughter if she didn't take the picture, the document stated. The woman then used Oliver's cellphone to snap the shot and send it to her own Kik account, Oliver told the police, according to the report.

After detectives searched Oliver's home the next day, they said she admitted that she had taken the picture and sent it to the other woman and that no one had held her and her daughter hostage.

The name of the woman suspected of participating in the exchange wasn't established in the police report.

Oliver was first arrested May 30 on the false report charge. She was free on $10,000 bail when she was arrested again Monday on the additional counts.

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