For breakfast, I had a waffle with peanut butter and honey on it. It's a Trader Joe's waffle, from a box. That's my pretty typical breakfast. And I always have an iced coffee. I cold-brew coffee and keep it in a big dispenser in the refrigerator. I mix it half coffee, half milk.

For lunch, since yesterday was my last day at school, my husband and I met at Phuong on Rivers in North Charleston, and it was really good. I had an incredible salad with cilantro, carrots, sprouts, tofu, fish sauce and vermicelli noodles. I've never been there, but my husband has been there before. He had the same thing. He loved it and I love it, too.

Yesterday, I had a book club meeting. I made a Pioneer Woman recipe: Spicy barbecue sliders on Hawaiian rolls. I'd never made it before, but I've made a few of her other recipes and they're good for crowds. I never really make meat; my husband is a pescatarian. Usually the food goes with the book, but we read "Five Days in November," about Kennedy's last days, and other than clam chowder, I couldn't make anything match up.

I just had the sliders and a spinach salad with feta and strawberries. I drank Chardonnay. I love Chardonnay.

Sometime during the day I had an apple. I always have an apple every day. I've had a Fuji apple every day since I was 13.

Kathleen Bell is a third-grade teacher at Eagle's Nest Elementary School. She lives in Avondale.