Celebrate talent

Spoleto was my calling card to Charleston, and every year brings visitors to my art studio.

The first year of the festival, 1977, I traveled from Hilton Head Island looking for Charleston artists to show in Fox Grape Gallery. Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto are why my home is here in the Lowcountry.

Bravo to all the actors, musicians, writers, poets, dancers and creative people who bring an international intellectual crowd.

Please celebrate this gathering of talent in our fair city and know we are fortunate.

Mary Edna Fraser

Oak Point Road


Caught in middle

Republicans are preening with outrage over problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs' shortcomings in delivering health care to veterans. What a short memory they have.

Only three months ago, Republicans blocked passage of a Senate bill that would have expanded health care benefits to veterans (too expensive).

On the other side, there is Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's endless blathering about the Koch brothers.

Makes one wonder if we wouldn't do better picking our legislators by lottery.

The conduct of those currently in office is a not-so-funny joke.

Richard H. Gross

Oak Marsh Drive

Mount Pleasant

Good VA care

While the lack of care for our veterans at VA hospitals around the country is a reflection of our government's inability to care for our veterans, and heads should roll, let's not paint with too broad a brush that would include the Ralph H. Johnson VA facility in Charleston.

In 1986 I lost a business (through embezzlement) along with my health insurance.

I became terribly ill with kidney stones, infection, fever, etc. My doctor couldn't admit me into a private hospital because I had no insurance, so I literally dragged myself to our local Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital.

I went to the main desk and said, "I am a veteran and I'm sick." After filling out forms and seeing a doctor, I was admitted to the hospital that night and operated on the next day. I had five more procedures and was provided a plane ticket to the VA hospital in the Bronx, N.Y., for a lithotripsy treatment.

All in all I was under the care of the VA system for two and a half months. I had great doctors and superb nurses. Today its care is even more efficient.

So while nationally, the VA debacle is real, tragic and inexcusable, let's not put our Charleston facility in the same category - it doesn't belong there.

Dale Gould

Packard Court


Slow down growth

To keep Mount Pleasant a delightful community, it is suggested that Town Council place a moratorium on apartment and condominium construction for several years, with only single-family housing approved.

This would slow the population increase and increase the selling prices of current residences, benefitting homeowners who sell.

But we have been told that over the years some council members have been involved in land development, banking, real estate sales, housing and construction, insurance, law and retail. A population increase means more business for this group.

The road traffic is getting worse. There's more to our town than Highway 17. Hundreds of new multi-housing projects will add more and more cars and trucks to our roads and destroy more of our natural environment.

It's time to cool it -improve what we need now for the benefit of current property owners. Repair and build roads, schools, parks, etc.

Robert Ferguson

Heidelberg Drive

Mount Pleasant

Who cares?

The articles in the new food section are interesting, informative and entertaining.

I look forward to reading them each week, with one exception.

Does anyone really care what "one local ate over the course of a day"?


Peggy Hay

Medway Road

James Island

Recycling tip

I had to smile when I saw the picture and story relating to the "all in one" recycling cans in Mount Pleasant.

The picture shows the trash collection truck dumping household garbage into the truck while the caption acknowledges collecting less trash since implementing single-stream recycling.

I smiled because the picture clearly shows a cardboard box being dumped from the can.

If broken down, that box could be recycled.

We at Folly Beach received our "all in one" cans a couple of years ago and love them. Our trash collection is twice a week and our recycling pickup is twice a month.

As for me, they could easily be swapped to accommodate my needs.

Mount Pleasant, you will be surprised at how much of your "trash" is recyclable.

Chel Whaley

East Ashley Avenue

Folly Beach