Recent College of Charleston graduate Arianna Megaro hopes to roll out a new sun care product soon.

Called BlokRok, the hand-sized device uses a silicone-based roller to apply sunscreen or other lotions onto the body from a 5-ounce container.

The product is not on the market yet, but Megaro hopes to raise $45,000 by June 21 in a Kickstarter campaign so she can start commercial production. As of Friday, she'd raised more than $13,400.

The Chapel Hill, N.C., native, who graduated from college in 2013 and now calls Charleston home, invented the device because she didn't like getting her hands greasy while applying sunscreen at the beach and believes spray-on sunscreens are wasteful and unhealthy.

"You can't read a book or play ball because your hands are greasy," she said. "You also know you are getting consistent coverage with BlokRok."

The applicator works by pouring sunscreen into the container and then rolling it on the skin.

"You don't have to pump it or turn it upside down to make it work," Megaro said. "When you apply pressure to the roller, the lotion is released."

The roller also can be easily cleaned if it gets dirty by rinsing it with water, she said. The container also has a place on the side to attach the cap so it won't get misplaced.

She hopes to sell it online and in select Charleston-area shops for $19.99.

So far, the international studies graduate along with friends and family have invested about $100,000 in product development.

Megaro said the product is ready to launch after years of research, several designs and countless improvements. She's made prototypes, did patent work and branded the product to try to make it a success.

To be entitled to any of the money raised through Kickstarter, she has to reach her goal by June 21.

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