COLUMBIA - With the primary elections just a few days away, Superintendent of Education candidate Molly Spearman nabbed a series of endorsement from several state lawmakers.

Spearman's campaign announced on Tuesday Sens. Bill O'Dell, R- Ware Shoals; Ronnie Cromer, R- Prosperity; and Larry Martin, R- Pickens, and Rep. Ralph Shealy Kennedy, R- Leesville, support Spearman in the race.

"No one in SC who is better prepared to be our State Superintendent of Education than Molly Spearman," said O'Dell, according to the release. "Her experience at every level of education, from the classroom to the legislature to the SC Department of Education, uniquely qualifies her for the role of School Chief."

Martin added he's known Spearman for years and he believes "she would be a strong advocate for the needs of rural districts like mine."

"She has seen first-hand the challenges of rural schools face and is prepared to address them head on," Martin said.

Spearman has also been endorsed by Rock Hill Republican Sen. Wes Hayes, chairman of the Senate's education subcommittee, and by Rep. Gary Simrill, also a Republican from Rock Hill.

Spearman is one of eight candidates - which include, Sally Atwater, Gary Burgess, Meka Childs, Amy Cofield, Sheri Few, Don Jordan and Elizabeth Moffly - vying for the Republican nomination. Four others are seeking the Democratic nomination, including Montrio Belton, Sheila Gallagher, Rep. Jerry Govan, D-Orangeburg, and Tom Thompson.

The primary is Tuesday.