Hanahan Police investigators released the names of the three people arrested Wednesday accused of making meth.

David Hall, 30, William Gilliam, 51, and Shawn Gilliam, 26, were all charged with manufacturing meth, improper disposal of methamphetamine by-products and cruelty to animals.

Hall was also charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Hanahan police officers found methamphetamine and some of the materials used to make the drug after they responded to a house Wednesday morning.

Lt. Mike Fowler of the Hanahan Police Department said officers were called for a report of a disturbance around 5:45 a.m. at 1242 Dickson Ave.

When the officers showed up, Fowler said, they recognized materials in the home that are commonly used to manufacture meth.

The home was evacuated, and narcotics detectives and other experts were summoned to the scene. The investigators later found a small amount of meth, the lieutenant said.

The people inside had not been making the drug when the police arrived, Fowler said. It was not considered an "active" meth-making laboratory.

Natalie Caula Hauff contributed to this report. Reach Andrew Knapp at 937-5414 or twitter.com/offlede.