Midnight bar closings in Charleston might seem inevitable to some, but opponents of the proposed ordinance aren't giving up. They're using social media to try and change some minds.

As Charleston City Council overwhelmingly passed first reading (they need two more), detractors have started a website, hijacked a Twitter hashtag intended to promote the city and created parody Twitter accounts making fun of those they feel are behind the proposed ordinance.

So far, a little over 2,000 people have 'signed' the change.org petition since it was started about a week or so ago. Links to the site charlestonafter12.org have been making the rounds on Facebook, as have pictures like this, which is a parody of city-sponsored art by Shepard Fairey.

Mayor Joe Riley, a vocal supporter of the ordinance, has been the primary target of critics, especially on Twitter where someone has been tweeting as Sleepy Mayor Joe and there's a hashtag called #YouMightBeARiley.

Also a target is a #chsyou hashtag that was reportedly started as a way for folks on Twitter to tweet why they love Charleston and has instead inspired tweets like "New slogan for #Charleston: Thanks y'all, but that's illegal. #chsyou" by Boomer Oyler.

However, the best hashtag so far comes from Holy City Sinner: #Joehibition.

Will any of this change the minds of Charleston City Council members who hold the future in their hands?

Who knows, but it will be fun to watch.

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