Tennessee Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, 4-0 against South Carolina while a Clemson starter, was mocked last week for going 0-1 in arm-wrestling matches against NFL punters.

Turns out he's 0-0.

Whitehurst told Nashville's Tennessean newspaper that he was kidding about losing to punter Brett Kern in a battle for jersey No. 6, the number Whitehurst wore at Clemson and for the San Diego Chargers and Seattle Seahawks. But he didn't expect national reaction to his playful social media post.

"That was kind of my first real experience with that whole . Twitter stuff," Whitehurst explained. "Some of the guys later were telling me, 'Hey, they're killing you on there.' I wasn't really paying much attention to it. But that's the first time I realized how modern media can happen."

Many major sports web sites picked up the story. It created lots of Twitter action among Clemson and South Carolina fans.

"It all happened so fast. I don't remember what motivated me to do it, but I think it was kind of like, 'Hey, this looks pretty good,'" Whitehurst said. "It was a 30-second thought. I didn't think anybody took me that (darn) serious."

But one thing remains true about Whitehurst's original story: He will wear jersey No. 12 for the first time, and Kern will keep No. 6.

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