Charleston area residents weighed in Wednesday on whether it's a good idea to ban texting while driving:

"I try to avoid it. Sometimes I read them while driving. I think we overestimate how much we can multitask. I think it'd be hard not to use a GPS, but with texting, you can probably wait until you get where you're going, or you can call the person. My habits will change because I don't want to get a ticket."

Brenna Norton-Baker, 21, Charleston

"I just got my license. I feel like if I tried to text and drive, it would be over."

Alicia Houser, 20, Charleston

"I come from Europe where it has been banned for years. In Belgium, you are no longer permitted to not only text but to telephone. It's terribly distracting, so yes, it should be banned. But is it easy to enforce? I don't know."

Fred Jamar, 73, Charleston

"I used to do it all the time, but then I got this thing in my head where I thought about, what if I caused an accident and caused someone to lose their family member because I looked at a text? I get urges all the time to pick it up, but I'm like, no, it's not worth it. I'm really paranoid about cops anyway."

Hannah Craig, 21, Charleston

"I try not to text. I mostly do it at stoplights. I'm more into listening to my music anyway. Oh yes, the bill is a good idea. I always get nervous when people text and are swerving all over the place."

Blake Hendricks, 27, visiting from Greenville

"It's the same thing as drinking and driving. Texting can wait. I used to be a long-haul trucker, and one time I had my map up on the steering wheel to see if I had missed my exit, and between the time I looked down and looked back up, there was a big old truck in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes. If I had had a little more speed, there would have been an accident because I took my eyes off the road. And this is the same thing."

Donnie Smith, 62, North Charleston

"I'm just learning how to (text). I tried it while driving, but it's just too dangerous. And the kids don't call me, either. They'll leave a message or something. They don't text me when they know I'm driving. ... I don't think there's anything that's that important that can't wait until you stop. Or your can pull over to the side of the road if you think it's something important, like a granddaughter having a baby."

Anita Blewer, 74, North Charleston

"I will admit I do text and drive, but it's mostly for my job. I have to let the customer know when I'll be there, but I try to do that only at stoplights or stop signs where I know there's no one behind me. Other than that, only under emergency conditions. I think the ban is a great idea. I have no problem with it. I've almost gotten in a couple of accidents before because of texting. I'm just lucky I have a good foot."

Aaron Schmitt, 20, Summerville

"I used to text and drive. I don't anymore. You can see them as they're driving by, and you're like, why are you driving so slow? Oh, you're texting. "

George McFadden, 49, Goose Creek

"That's the best piece of legislation they've passed in years. If Haley can pull that off, God bless her. I'm happy. ... Absolutely nobody should do it and you should get a big old nasty fine."

Eric Fornell, 51, Mount Pleasant

"I have a 13-year-old, and I would honestly love to have that bill passed before he starts driving because it's dangerous and it's distracting. You might as well give someone alcohol. My husband's from Australia, and there you have to pull over to use your cellphone, and they're very strict about that. They have little designated areas for you to pull over and use your phone. It's a good idea."

Kellie Jacobs, 42, Mount Pleasant

Compiled by Katie West