COLUMBIA - Superintendent of Education Candidate Sheri Few has nabbed several endorsements in the days leading up to the primary.

Rep. Bill Chumley, R- Woodruff, announced his support for Few on Friday, according to her campaign. She also picked up an endorsement from the Concerned Women for America's Legislative Action Committee on Monday.

Chumley said Few is the person South Carolina needs to help rewrite the state's education standards. A bill passed the Senate in May that calls for a review of the standards no later than January 2015.

"Sheri Few has led the fight against Common Core in South Carolina and has also been outspoken against plans to force school districts to merge, allegedly in the name of efficiency," said Chumley, according to the release. "Her leadership is the reason why the legislature passed the new law giving the next Superintendent the power to replace Common Core with something else."

The committee's CEO, Penny Nance, said endorsing Few was an "easy decision" because the committee is confident in Few's ability to continue standing on issues as important as education reform and parental rights.

"Sheri Few is a true conservative who will fight to uphold and defend the core educational principles of CWALAC in the state of South Carolina," said Nance, according to the release. "As founder of the grassroots organization South Carolina Parents Involved in Education (SCPIE), she has sacrificed much to defend her state's sovereignty against the overreach of the federal government. For years, she has boldly led the fight to block the implementation of the Common Core State Standards throughout South Carolina."

Few has also been endorsed by Lowcountry Sen. Larry Grooms, R-Charleston. Grooms, who sponsored a bill that called for the repeal of Common Core in South Carolina, said he endorsed Few to ensure Common Core standards don't return to South Carolina.

Few is one of eight candidates - which include, Sally Atwater, Gary Burgess, Meka Childs, Amy Cofield, Don Jordan, Elizabeth Moffly and Molly Spearman - vying for the Republican nomination. Four others are seeking the Democratic nomination, including Montrio Belton, Sheila Gallagher, Rep. Jerry Govan, D-Orangeburg, and Tom Thompson.

The primary election is June 10.