I had me some oatmeal and coffee. I put me a little butter and a little Sweet'N Low. I used to put raisins in, but I don't put raisins anymore.

I didn't have lunch. I don't eat that much no more. I be right here (at Backman's Seafood) all the time.

Dinner, I think I had some soup and toast. I buy cans and heat it up. I wish I could make a fish head soup. Maybe tonight I'll eat a fish and its head. I already fried some whiting, but I like them big grouper heads. That's good stuff. That's some good meat, that grouper.

I might make some grits. And put some kale in the oven with oil. That ain't no new thing: That kale is good for your body.

When I was young, I made mullet and sweet potatoes. Now I just buy a can. I like the chicken soup, the noodle soup. There are a lot of carrots in there.

Jefferson Wilder, 75, is a member of one of Sol Legare's four founding families.