What is it?

Slightly North of Broad's new farmer-inspired cocktail menu takes its lead from locally grown products that not only celebrate fruits and vegetables at their peak of ripeness but also the growers that bring these products to the local restaurant kitchens and now bars.

SNOB is featuring six farmer-inspired libations.

What's the story?

Chef Russ Moore and beverage manager Stacey Walsh spearheaded the creation of the cocktail menu. Taking advantage of locally sourced ingredients and Maverick Southern Kitchen's long-established farm-to-fork buying habits, Moore and Walsh reached out to the farmers to craft a menu of balanced adult beverages.

"One of the first inspirations for this cocktail list was Pete Ambrose's strawberries," said Walsh. "Every season his strawberries are so sweet and delicious, and we really wanted to highlight those flavors in a new way. So we thought why not in a cocktail? We then came up with the Ambrose Al Fresa, a rum-based drink with strawberry puree, lemonade and jalapenos."

Wes Melling of Kurios Farm in Moncks Corner is the inspiration for SNOB's Kurios cucumber cocktail. Made with muddled cucumbers, fresh cilantro, lime juice and Maverick Southern Kitchen's private label tequila, this drink offers cooling refreshment with a local summer spin.

Dan Kennerty of Kennerty Farms, Billy Hays of Blackbird Farms, Annie and Marc Filion of Filion Farms and Kenny "Skinny" Melton of Lowlands Farm are all represented in an agricultural salute to the spirits.

Who's buying it?

The new farm-to-glass menu is finding favor with guests, both at lunch and dinner. The restaurant reports that more than 100 cocktails from the new menu were sold during the first few days of launching.

Who's selling it?

Slightly North of Broad farmer-inspired cocktails are sold during lunch and dinner service and are $10. The restaurant is at 192 East Bay St., 723-3424. The farm-to-glass trend also can be seen in the beverage menus at Basico, the Gin Joint, the Cocktail Club and Heart Wood-Fired Grill, among others.


"The Kurios Cucumber Cocktail is refreshing and delicious. I really enjoyed the flavors and the local private label spirit used to create a cocktail that highlights the local ingredients of the Lowcountry. I can't wait to try the other farmer-inspired cocktails." - C. Smith, Charleston