State Rep. Chip Limehouse took issue with his Republican challenger's recent claims about having voted Republican 98 percent of the time.

Limehouse faces Charleston real estate broker Russell Guerard in the June 10 GOP primary for the state House District 110 seat.

At issue are the Republican bona fides of each candidate. Limehouse, who has held the seat since 1995, has long been active with the party, while Guerard, a political newcomer, has not voted in some Republican primaries, did not attend a Republican meeting until 2013 and has donated to Democratic candidates, including the 2008 gubernatorial bid by state Sen. Vincent Sheheen.

Limehouse said Guerard was not honest when disclosing the number of his donations to Sheheen (three) or when talking about his Republican voting record. Guerard voted in the GOP primary in 2006 and the Democratic primary in 2010.

Guerard said his wife Tara made the contributions to Sheheen, then referred to an ethics complaint that a Limehouse supporter had filed against Guerard regarding his signs - a complaint quickly dismissed. "You would think someone who has been up there for 20 years would have something better to do," he said of Limehouse.

Meanwhile, Limehouse was endorsed Monday by the S.C. Chamber of Commerce.

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