Although Fiery Ron Home Team BBQ's downtown Charleston arrival is still being worked out, its departure from The Alley was completed on June 1.

When the bowling alley-slash-bar opened in 2012, it partnered with an arm of Fiery Ron's called Home Team Kitchen to develop its roster of sandwiches, French bread pizzas and loaded tater tots, among other snacky items. But in a split described as "amicable" by both parties, Home Team this weekend took its name off the menu.

According to The Alley's owner, Jimmy Poole, the break-up currently amounts to a change in nomenclature.

"You wouldn't even notice," Poole says, confirming the plates and their preparations are remaining the same. "No one would know."

That means the estimable wings are safe. In fact, the kitchen may move toward producing more wings.

"That's one of the things we'll probably expand on," Poole says. "Right now, we're just sitting tight, but at the beginning of August, we're going to revamp the menu and add different things to it."

Poole says The Alley will likely test potential new menu items as specials over coming weeks.

"They'll be fun and energetic, like the place," he promises.

Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ is hoping to set up permanent shop on Williman Street, ending a long search for a peninsula property. The eight-year old local chain currently has locations on Sullivan's Island and in West Ashley.

According to spokeswoman Angel Postell, Home Team is also exploring expansion to Summerville and Folly Beach, but she described those plans as "long-term."

If Home Team secures the "warehouse-y space" on Williman Street, it will hire an architect to make sure the design, featuring an indoor and outdoor bar, is "nicely done" - an option that wasn't financially feasible when the restaurant opened its first two locations.

Postell added that Home Team chef Courtney Tomer, who's been posted at The Alley, will head up the Williman Street kitchen. The menu will largely mirror what's served at the other outlets, although it may evolve to include dishes of particular interest to a downtown crowd.

Assuming the Williman Street deal isn't scuttled by problems pertaining to parking or other unforeseen issues, Home Team is aiming to open by next summer.