- A judge reduced the bond of a North Charleston woman accused of driving her minivan carrying her three children into the Atlantic Ocean.

Judge Leah Case lowered Ebony Wilkerson's bond from $1.2 million to $90,000 Thursday after hearing testimony from a psychiatrist that she didn't believe Wilkerson was a danger to the community.

If Wilkerson posts bond, she was ordered to remain in Florida, have no contact with her children and take anti-psychotic medication.

Wilkerson testified Thursday that she would comply with all of the conditions. The public defender representing Wilkerson on three counts of attempted murder and child abuse said the bond remains too high.

Wilkerson gave birth to her fourth child, a boy, on May 19.

Her baby is in South Carolina with the father.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that a motion says the father, Lutful Ronjon, has returned to South Carolina with the baby.

Wilkerson's other children are being sheltered by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Wilkerson's been in custody since three days after driving into the ocean. Rescuers rushed to get the children out of the van.