As the president of the Women's Council of the Gibbes Museum of Art, one of my jobs is to get people interested in the museum.

As a lifelong Charlestonian, I have been trying to get some of my fellow Charlestonians to come back to the Gibbes.

"It is full of all those new people," they keep telling me. "They are going to change it all around and it is not going to be the same."

Yes, there are many "new" people at the Gibbes, on the board, becoming a part of our museum because they care.

And, yes, they are going to renovate the museum, but it is so necessary and it will be great when it opens back up.

But don't take my word for it, go to the Gibbes this summer before it closes in September. As you step into the lovely air-conditioned, humidity-controlled space from the horrible heat outside, think about the air conditioning and heating system that the museum uses.

This system has to work extremely hard to keep that perfect temperature and humidity.

Think about the costs of running such a system. The new systems are so much more efficient and will work so much better for less money. Now, go to the Rotunda and look up.

See the peeling paint? The cracks?

These issues need to be addressed now before they become worse and the whole ceiling falls down.

Now go to the back of the museum and look out onto the lovely garden. Oh, that's right, you can't see the garden from inside because that access had to be closed long ago.

To get to the garden you have to go all the way out to the front of the museum and around the side.

Now, go to the Visitor's Welcome Gallery and look at the renderings of the new and improved museum.

Look at how the garden will become a part of the space and you will actually be able to access it from the back of the building.

These are great and necessary changes and you can help make them possible by supporting this museum throughout its renovations.

You do not have to like all that's new in Charleston, but at least go and see what all the fuss is about before passing judgment.

Dolly Lockwood Lipman

Ocean Boulevard

Isle of Palms