What is it?

Baja Sangria is a clean, crisp and refreshing white sangria created by Social + Restaurant Wine Bar's manager and lead mixologist, Don Goodemote. It combines Milagro Silver tequila, lychee syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice and La Sauvignon.

What's the story?

Social Restaurant + Wine Bar is known for its wine program. The cocktail menu has cocktail classics but also stays true to itself by mixing up some wine-based cocktails. The grassy notes of the La Sauvignon, from owner Brad Ball's La Wine Agency, are complemented by the fruit flavors of lychee and pineapple. The tequila gives the cocktail some backbone. Overall, it's a balanced cocktail with nice acidity. Sangria made its appearance in the United States in 1964.

Who's buying it?

Those looking for the perfect summertime drink. This fun take on sangria appeals to both wine enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados. Enjoy it by the glass, $9; or the pitcher, $30.

Who's selling it?

Social Restaurant + Wine Bar at 188 East Bay St. But don't look for them to bottle it and sell it as sangria. In January 2014, the European Parliament ruled that only Spain and Portugal can call "sangria" in a bottle Sangria. Everything else is an "aromatized wine."


"White sangria is a little less common but opens the door to a whole new variety of flavors. The trick was to first try to match a spirit with a wine. The grassy notes of La Sauvignon and Milagro Silver are a perfect match. The sweet floral notes of the lychee puree really help to bring all the flavors together and give the drink a beautiful nose." - Don Goodmote