By this time next month, Charleston County expects to have delivered all-in-one rolling recycling bins to about 24,000 more homes, in the final phase of the county's recycling program expansion.

The blue 95-gallon roll carts replace the older system of using different recycling bins for different materials, such as paper and metal cans. Everything recyclable can be thrown into the large rolling carts, and the county says the ease of use has prompted more people to recycle, and greater amounts of material being recycled by households.

When the county delivered the first roll carts in 2011, officials found that the participation in the recycling program jumped to as high as 70 percent in areas with roll carts, and the average amount of recycling per household more than doubled.

On June 1, three and a half years after the first roll carts were delivered to Charleston County residents, 115,000 single-family homes across the county should have them.

"The completion of the all-in-one residential recycling program is a very important achievement," said County Councilwoman Anna Johnson, who chairs the Recycling/Solid Waste Committee, in a statement issued by the county. "The success of this program is an important element in achieving our 40 percent recycling goal, conserving natural resources and extending the life of our landfill."

All paper products - junk mail, cereal boxes, books, newspapers, cardboard and more - can be tossed into the roll carts, along with empty aerosol cans, glass jars and bottles, plastics (numbers 1 through 7); and steel, tin, and aluminum cans.

Charleston County will mail notices to those who will be getting new roll carts, detailing how to use them. For more information on single-stream residential recycling, contact the Charleston County Environmental Management Department at 843-720-7111 or visit

Reach David Slade at 937-5552.