Police officers fielded a report late Tuesday about an attempted armed robbery and carjacking outside a popular restaurant in Mount Pleasant.

Few details about the incident at Page's Okra Grill were available Wednesday because police officials said they were still investigating it.

A member of the Page family, which owns the restaurant at 302 Coleman Blvd., called the Mount Pleasant Police Department at 10:12 p.m., according to the incident report.

As they responded, officers said they learned from dispatchers that the suspect had fled toward a boat landing. The restaurant is just west of Shem Creek.

Whether someone had actually tried to carry out a robbery wasn't confirmed in the report. Much of the document's narrative was redacted before the police released it Wednesday.

Inspector Chip Googe, a police spokesman, said that publicizing further information would compromise detectives' investigation.

The S.C. Freedom of Information Act allows authorities to withhold information if they plan to use it in a "prospective law enforcement action."

The alleged victim was listed as a 32-year-old Evelina Street man. The report gave no description of a possible suspect.

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