What is it?

Rocket Science is Joe and MariElena Raya's seasonal drink that is a part of their rotating cocktail menu at The Gin Joint.

What's the story?

Rocket Science is a cocktail created from the in-house distillation of arugula into a cordial base. Arugula, frequently found in salads and on pizzas, also is known as "garden rocket" or "rocket." Joe Raya has developed a method of distillation that allows him to create shelf-stable and unified concentrates of botanicals.

He also has created an oleo sacchrum of blood orange, which is a citrus sugar oil frequently used in punches. Rocket Science includes Hendricks Gin, the arugula cordial, blood orange citrus oil, Lillet Blanc, Green Chartreuse and lemon. Think of it as a spring tonic.

Who's buying it?

This $10 cocktail at The Gin Joint has found favor with female cocktail drinkers.

Who's selling it?

The Gin Joint at 182 East Bay St.


However, bar manager Jared Lane reports "Everyone is ordering this drink. It's the most popular on the menu. It's crisp, refreshing, citrusy and a little herbal. I think that profile reaches most people."