In just more than a month, the terms of five board members on the Charleston County Aviation Authority will expire, but the legislative delegation hasn't begun to advertise for applications.

That's because a new rule adopted by Charleston County lawmakers sets the application deadline as 10 days before the next delegation meeting.

The problem is they haven't set the date of the next meeting, according to Kathy Collum, legislative coordinator for the delegation. That means she can't send out a notice seeking applications because she doesn't know what the deadline is.

On June 1, the terms of four House and Senate appointees will end. Those include businessman Mallory Factor, Charleston's chief tourism official Helen Hill, former congressman Tommy Hartnett and former Judge Larry Richter.

The term of attorney and board Chairman Andy Savage also expires, but he is appointed jointly by the city of Charleston and Charleston County Council.

"A lot of people have called with interest," Collum said.

Among them is Mary Graham, senior vice president of business advocacy for the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. She already serves on an airport panel overseeing terminal redevelopment. If she gets the nod, that would boost female membership on the 13-member airport board, which now has three women after not having any last fall.

Charleston Airports Director Paul Campbell, a state senator, said the delegation should meet soon to take up the issue because advertising for applications has to occur, then the delegation must make nominations to the governor, whose office must perform background checks before she will sign off on them.

"It would be nice if they could attend a couple of meetings before they are seated in June," Campbell said.

Given that list of requirements before June 1, time is of the essence.

Nothing can stop a nominee from attending a meeting as a public citizen until the governor's confirmation. Collum adds, sometimes it takes six months before they hear back from the governor's office.

In that case, the current members generally stay seated until a new member comes on board.

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