Benjamin Walter Dubois III had a habit of kicking at the door that locked him in at the Hill-Finklea Detention Center and covering a camera that kept watch over his cell.

Detention officers attempted to move the 30-year-old murder suspect to another part of the jail late last month in order to keep a better eye on him. But the Huger man defied their orders and grew fearful that the jailers intended to strap him into a chair as a means of physical restraint.

Dubois' fear came true minutes later after he punched a female detention officer in the face, sending her to the hospital, authorities said. A second officer's hand was crushed against a steel door in the ordeal, officials said.

Berkeley County sheriff's deputies have brought an additional charge of second-degree assault and battery against Dubois as a result of the March 28 incident.

He was being held at the jail on charges that he shattered his roommate's skull with a golf club last year. The wounded man, 55-year-old Jerry Miles, died three months after the attack while seeking treatment at Medical University Hospital, officials said. An incident report identifies Dubois' latest alleged victim as Berkeley County detention officer Katheryn Carrieri. She was treated at Trident Medical Center for swelling and bleeding to her right eye, nasal cavity, arms and knee, the report said.

According to sheriff's deputies, Carrieri was injured while attempting to escort Dubois into his new cell.

The inmate had grown argumentative, investigators detailed in a report, and he yelled that he wouldn't go into the cell without his medication. The report did not specify what medication Dubois needed.

Carrieri placed one hand on Dubois' shoulder and the other against the small of his back to guide him into the unit, authorities said.

Dubois, who was handcuffed, responded by punching Carrieri in the face with two closed fists, according to an arrest affidavit.

A lieutenant at the scene was kicked and her fingers strained while trying to subdue Dubois and lock him into a physical restraint chair, deputies said.

Berkeley County sheriff's Maj. Rick Ollic said it wasn't clear if Dubois kicked the lieutenant or if she was accidentally injured by another officer during the scuffle. She also received treatment at Trident Medical Center.

Dubois later apologized for the assault in a message that he left at an inmate kiosk, deputies said.

"I have known (Carrieri) since she started working here and would jump in front of a knife for her," Dubois is quoted in the report as saying. "I can't believe that happened and I am so sorry that she got hurt. I've been worried about her all weekend and nobody will tell me anything."

He concluded his message by pleading for an update on the woman's condition.

Dubois was scheduled to appear before a judge last week regarding his murder charge, but his attorney withdrew a request for the judge to set bail, authorities said.

It was not clear Wednesday if the hearing would be rescheduled. A phone call to Dubois' attorney was not returned.

Berkeley County sheriff's deputies were called May 28 to Dubois' home on French Quarter Creek Road in Huger following a report of an assault.

Dubois' roommate, Miles, was unable to speak with investigators due to the extent of his injuries.

Dubois reported that he only hit the man to defend himself and a third roommate.

According to Dubois' version of events, Miles had demanded that he get out of the house. Miles threw an ashtray at his head, Dubois told deputies, and struck their other roommate with a golf club.

Dubois reported that he grabbed the golf club and turned it against Miles.

A witness told investigators that Dubois repeatedly beat the man with the club, even after he had fallen unconscious.

The three roommates had been drinking alcohol when the incident occurred, according to investigators.

Sheriff's deputies originally charged Dubois with second-degree assault and battery. The charge was upgraded to murder following Miles death on Aug. 26.

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