I had two waves of breakfast. Before school, we had Boone Hall strawberries and Whole Foods chocolate chip muffins. After I got back from taking the kids, I had an egg from our chickens. I can't remember the name of the breed, but they lay blue-green eggs. Raccoons got to them and the bunnies about a week ago, but I still have some eggs. We're restocking: We're not giving up.

I did the egg sunny-side up, with a piece of baguette from Whole Foods, and Ovaltine. My dad got me hooked on that. Then (my dog) Wiley and I walked to work. We walked back home at 12:30, and I had leftover kale salad with fish sauce and grilled broccoli rabe left over from dinner.

I picked up my son in West Ashley, and we went to Monza. I got one of my favorite salads. It's real simple: It's basically roasted beets and some dried-up cheese and a lot of lemon dressing. Kase had a lima bean salad.

For dinner, we went to Bacco and I had one of my favorite dishes. (Chef Michael Scognamiglio) calls it "sepia." It's cuttlefish. If you get it, it looks like a cross between squid and octopus. That's what my description is. It's like a big squid steak.

He grills it and serves it with polenta and kale. Bacco and Monza, those two restaurants are staples. I go back to them quite a bit.

Paul Langston is an insurance agent in Mount Pleasant. He's participating in the Eat Local Challenge this month.