A 61-year-old Charleston man told the police that he hit his adult daughter with a table leg and pulled out her hair because he was frustrated by children who lacked discipline from their parents, according to an incident report.

Jerome Edward Singleton, who turned himself in to authorities Monday morning, faces a count of second-degree assault and battery. The felony charge is punishable by between three and 25 years in prison.

The incident unfolded around 11 p.m. Friday at Singleton's apartment on Hanover Street in downtown Charleston, where he had lived with his 31-year-old daughter.

The woman arrived to pick up her belongings because both she and her father were planning to move.

Singleton soon walked in and started arguing with the woman and telling her that she was disrespectful, according to the Charleston Police Department report. Witnesses told the police that he had a pocketknife when he pulled his daughter's hair, threw her to the ground and said, "I'll kill you," the report stated.

Singleton used the leg of a broken end table to hit her once in the head before he ran away, the report stated.

Officers arrived to the sight of the woman bleeding and holding her head. They reported finding pieces of her hair inside the apartment.

A police officer later called Singleton and urged him to turn himself in. He refused.

"The offender stated that his daughter was disrespectful, and that is why he did what he did," the officer wrote in the report. He said that "children are disrespectful today because parents do not discipline their children."

Singleton's daughter was taken to Medical University Hospital, but the extent of her injuries was not immediately available.

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