Having worked in health care my entire professional career, I can attest that the doctors and nurses at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center are of top quality in education, training and caring for and about their patients.

The problem with the VA and any government-run health care system is the mind-numbing amount of paperwork. And I do mean paperwork.

We still submit claims to the VA on paper, which is actually amusing since it is the government that insists on electronic claims, electronic health records, computer physician order entry, etc.

The only way to reform the VA, like with any government agency is to get rid of the ridiculous mountains of red tape, authorizations, pre-authorizations, certifications, etc. and streamline the process.

But then what would the bureaucrats do for fun?

Our health care system is managed by the government as if it were infested with criminals and butchers. Instead, from 30 years experience, I can guarantee you that it is run by caring, selfless people, clinical as well as administrative, who have a calling to try and make other people's lives just a little bit better.

If the government would just leave the 99.9 percent of us alone to do our work and go after the 0.01 percent who are criminals and butchers we would all be better off.

But instead of improving our health care system for our veterans, we have decided to write it large for all Americans through Obamacare.

So now we won't have to wag our fingers at the way our veterans are being treated, because they won't be suffering any worse than the rest of us.

Joan E. Peters

Certified Professional Coder

Certified Health Care Compliance Consultant

Coral Acres Drive

Moncks Corner