- Police surveillance cameras for the front beach commercial district are one step closer to becoming a reality.

The City Council Public Safety Committee on Wednesday voted unanimously in favor of a $25,000 contract for the cameras.

On April 22, the Ways and Means Committee will consider the proposal, and on April 29 it goes before City Council.

The cameras are planned for this beach season.

Seven cameras would stream images into the Police Department where they can be watched by an employee. Recordings would be held for a short period of time before being overwritten, officials said.

Four of the cameras would be placed in the Ocean Boulevard median between 10th and 14th avenues. Two more cameras in the commercial district would be aimed at the area around the public restrooms. Another camera would be pointed at the intersection of Palm Boulevard and the Connector.

Mayor Dick Cronin said the cameras will help the city better manage situations such as large, disruptive alcohol-fueled crowds. And if there is a serious incident, the city will have a record of it, he said.

He noted that a camera on Palm Boulevard aimed at the Connector can help travelers know about current traffic. IOP hopes to make that camera available to the public, he said.

Folly Beach and Sullivan's Island do not have surveillance cameras.