The College of Charleston's Jewish studies program will hold its final lecture of the semester Sunday, an event that will feature an Anti-Defamation League official discussing America's Middle East policy.

Today's 10 a.m. lecture is "A Changing American Role in the World and Its Impact on Israel." It is free and open to the public and will be at the college's Arnold Hall, 96 Wentworth St.

Following recent U.S. foreign policy decisions about Egypt, Syria and Iran, some allies of the United States, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, have questioned whether America is starting to withdraw from the region.

Kenneth Jacobson, the league's deputy national director, will explore American policy and how that plays out in the region, particularly regarding the safety and security of Israel.

Jacobson joined the Anti-Defamation League staff in 1972 and now is responsible for overseeing and coordinating league policy and its implementation.

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Jennifer Berry Hawes