Mitch McConnell has served in the U.S. Senate for a long time - nearly three decades. But somebody on the minority leader's campaign staff obviously didn't take a long enough look at a new commercial aimed at Kentucky Republicans as he faces a primary challenge from the right - Tea Party favorite Matt Bevin.

The first version of the ad, released last week, showed numerous scenes of Sen. McConnell making speeches and meeting with Kentuckians as viewers hear inspiring music and his appeals to the voters, including:

"If I'm given the opportunity to lead the U.S. Senate next year I won't let you down. ... We will fight tooth and nail for conservative reforms that put this country back on track. ... The same old socialist notions that never pan out will finally be put to rest. ... We'll work to restore opportunity and economic mobility for the middle class. ... This is our time to get it right."

Only the commercial got something quite wrong.

Interspersed with those scenes of Sen. McConnell with regular folks were images of human turmoil and triumph - including one of basketball players celebrating an NCAA championship.

That was supposed to be a shot of jubilant Kentucky Wildcats in the immediate aftermath of winning the 2012 national title.

Too bad it was actually a shot of jubilant Duke Blue Devils in the immediate aftermath of winning the 2010 national title.

A McConnell spokesman tweeted that the campaign was "horrified" by the error, which was quickly corrected.

Why "horrified" instead of just embarrassed?

Because many Kentuckians take basketball very seriously - and are very excited that the Wildcats will again play in the Final Four tonight against Wisconsin.

But lots of Kentuckians also retain painful memories of past Duke celebrations at their team's expense.

And as all attentive basketball fans know, careless turnovers can be very costly.