Mount Pleasant police arrested a man Thursday accused of pointing a pistol at the driver he had previously cut off in an apparent road rage incident.

Cory Smith, 25, of Palmetto Hall Boulevard, is charged with pointing and presenting a firearm in connection with the incident, Charleston County jail records show.

Police responded at 10:14 a.m. to the area of U.S. Highway 17 and the Isle of Palms connector following a report of road rage involving a pistol, an incident report stated.

Authorities located both drivers in the parking lot of an old Kmart store in the area.

Smith approached police and said, "Thank God you are here. I'm so scared that I am still shaking," according to the report.

The other drivers told police that he had been traveling on U.S. 17 near Long Point Road when he was cut off by a pickup driven by Smith.

The driver gestured toward Smith, raising his hands in the air out of frustration, a report stated. He repeated the gesture while stopped next to Smith at a light, police said.

That's when Smith pulled out a Glock 23 pistol and pointed it at the man, according to the report. According to police, Smith has a concealed weapons permit.

The other driver followed Smith until authorities arrived at the scene.

Smith reported a different version of events, police said.

Smith acknowledged cutting the other driver off but told police the man cut him off farther down the road.

According to Smith, the other driver got out of his vehicle, walked toward him and banged his hands on his truck's windows, the report said.

Smith acknowledged that he pulled out his pistol but said he never raised the firearm higher than his lap, the report said.

When questioned by police, the other driver denied confronting Smith.

Police asked Smith if he could describe what the other driver was wearing.

He replied he was a "hundred percent sure" the man was wearing jeans, a camouflage jacket and a hat.

According to police, he was actually wearing gym shorts and a brown jacket.

Smith was arrested and held at the Charleston County jail Thursday pending a bond hearing.

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