COLUMBIA- Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell will not hold his new job at the College of Charleston and his position as lieutenant governor at the same time, he said Thursday.

In earlier interviews, McConnell had expressed an openness to temporarily holding onto both jobs at once. But Thursday he said he wanted to put that to rest.

As soon as the college decides on a full-time start date he will join the college full-time and resign his position as lieutenant governor. If that happens before the state's legislative session ends he would still resign his post, he said.

"My commitment is to the college," McConnell said. "When they're ready for me, I'm gone." A start date has not yet been decided.

The current president is slated to leave at the end of June, meaning the latest McConnell would hold onto the lieutenant governor's position is July 1, he said.

The man in line to replace McConnell when he leaves office is Sen. John Courson, R-Richland. Courson has said he does not want to resign his Senate seat to take the job, meaning the position will likely be vacant until a new lieutenant governor is elected in November and fills the seat in January. The lieutenant governor's role is a part-time position that oversees the Office on Aging and presides over the Senate.

The Senate session is scheduled to adjourn for the year at the beginning of June.

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